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How does GeoTrust authenticate my domain?


  • How is my domain approved?
  • What is a Whois Look up?


Depending on your domain extension, Geotrust will use various Whois search databases to determine the domain registrant (owner).

For example, to find the owner of the domain
  1. We may use a Whois server such as Network Solutions
  2. Enter the domain in question (e.g.
  3. Search results:

      Organisation Name. Symantec Corporation
      Organisation Address. 350 Ellis Street
      Organisation Address. Mountain View
      Organisation Address. 94043
      Organisation Address. CA

  1. The domain registrant (owner) is Symantec Corporation
If the registrant (owner) of the domain enrolled in your SSL order does not match your legal Organization name, your options:
  1. Update the Registrant information with your domain registrar to show your full Organization Name. See SO16563
  2. Geotrust can attempt to get confirmation of your organization's right to use the domain from the Domain Administrator. If the Domain Administrator cannot be contacted or does not respond, the Domain Rights Confirmation Letter will be required.
  3. A Domain Rights Confirmation Letter can be used to grant permission for the current domain registrant (owner). The Domain Rights Confirmation Letter is a template that Geotrust will e-mail out as appropriate that will need to be signed by the domain registrant (owner) authorizing the applicant (your organization) use of the domain. See  SO16564.