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Solution ID : SO16603

Last Modified : 10/15/2018

Thawte Certificate Center (TCC): Revoke a SSL or Code Signing Certificate


Note the following before proceeding with these instructions to revoke a certificate:

  • Do not use this procedure if the intentions are to get a replacement of the certificate.  Instead, use the following instructions:
    • To replace your SSL certificate click here
    • To replace your Code Signing certificate click here.
  • Revoking an SSL or Code Signing certificate will make it unusable.
    • For SSL certificates, any web server or web site using a revoked SSL certificate will no loner be secured and will display errors.
    • For Code Signing certificates, any code that is signed by the revoked Code Signing certificate and not timestamped will no longer be valid and will display errors.  For code that is signed by the revoked Code Signing certificate but was signed with the timestamp, the code will continue to work as expected.
  • Once a certificate has been revoked, it is not possible to un-do or un-revoke the certificate.

Once all the notations above have been confirmed and OK to procced, use either of the following options to begin the revocation procedure:


Option 1:  Revocation using the Thawte Certificate Center (TCC) Account

  1. Visit Thawte Certificate Center (TCC) login page
  2. Enter your Username and Password > click Sign In
    If you do not remember your Username or Password, refer to SO13146
  3. From the list, select the appropriate certificate to revoke
  4. Under the Order Summary tab, under Available Actions, click Revoke this certificate

     Revoking this certificate will completely disable it and make it unusable. There is no way to recover a revoked certificate. When revocation is complete, you can replace the revoked certificate.
  5. Verify the certificate details
  6. Select a Reason for revoking this certificate list, and click Continue.
    For example:
    • Discontinued
    • Information Chanaged
    • Key Compromise
    • New Key Pair
  7. Click Continue 
  8. Click Revoke


Option 2:  Revocation with Customer Support

Customers not able to revoke from their Thawte Certificate Center (TCC) account must request revocation in writing by completing the Revocation Confirmation Email Form, or faxing a Revocation Letter.  For more information using this option, please contact Customer Support.