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Solution ID : SO16623

Last Modified : 05/29/2018

Subject Alternative Names (SANs) incorrect on MPKI for SSL certificate


To obtain Subject Alternative Names (SANs) within the SSL certificate, the SANs entries must be entered manually in the enrollment form.

If the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) contains any SAN extensions, the entries that are manually entered into the enrollment form will be overwritten and the certificate will be issued only with the SAN entries included in the CSR.


The SANs within the CSR overwrite the SAN entries entered manually in the the enrollment form.


To resolve this issue, perform the following steps:

  1. The order with the incorrect SAN entries should be Revoked. Refer to the following solution SO7001
  2. Generate a new CSR that does not contain any SANs extensions
  3. Enroll for the certificate 
  4. During enrollment, enter the SAN entries where requested: 

  5. Complete the enrollment and submit the order