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Last Modified : 04/26/2019

What fields are required when generating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)?


Common Name:

Also known as the URL, the common name is the fully qualified domain name used for DNS lookups of your server (such as Browsers use this information to identify your web site. If you change your hostname, you must request another Digital ID. Client browsers connecting to your host check for a match between your Digital ID's common name and your URL.      

Note: You cannot use wildcards (*, ?, and so on), IP addresses, Port numbers, or "http:// or https://" in your common name.  Also, please leave off any directories behind the top-level domain extension (.com/store, .net/login, etc.)


This field contains the 2-character ISO format country code. For example, GB is the valid country code for Great Britain, and US is the valid code for the United States. To locate a specific country code, you may take a look at this page:

Mandatory field usually denotes the city in which the organization is located. Do not use abbreviations. For example, spell "Saint Louis", instead of "St. Louis". If the organization is registered only locally, for example, its business license is registered with the City Clerk; the Locality/City field must contain the name of the city where it is registered.

International customers must enter either a City/Locality or a State/Province field.

State / Province:

U.S. and Canadian customers must enter a State or Province name. Do not abbreviate. In the United States, if your organization is incorporated, for instance, in the state of Delaware, but is operating within California, use California.


The Organization Name (corporation, limited partnership, university, or government agency) must be registered with some authority at the national, state, or city level. Use the legal name under which your organization is registered. Do not abbreviate or use any of these symbols: ! @ # $ % ^ * ( ) ~ ? > < / \.

Organizational Unit:

Mandatory field to differentiate between divisions within an organization, for example, "Electronic Commerce Pilot" or "Human Resources". If your organization is doing business as (DBA) a trade name, you may specify the trade or DBA name in this field.
Below is an example of a CSR:



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