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Why do I need to provide documentation for verification of a SSL certificate?


Why do I need to provide a recent bill with a phone number signed by Lawyer/Accountant/Government Official/Justice of the Peace/Notary Public or a Professional Opinion Letter for SSL for the final verification phone call?


Symantec is unable to obtain a telephone number for the organization name listed in your order.  The telephone number must be listed in a public, third party telephone directory, such as directory assistance.

Symantec must contact your organization through this telephone number and confirm your knowledge of the order.


If the organization in your order has a telephone number listed with a third party directory, such as directory assistance, please contact Customer Support using the contact information below.

If the organization in your order does not have a publicly-listed telephone number, please submit a copy of a bill/statement listed below. The bill/statement must be signed by a Lawyer/Accountant/Government Official/Justice of the Peace, or notarized by a Notary Public. The bill/statement must be dated within three months and contain the organization name, address and a telephone number.

- Telephone Bill
- Utility Bill
- Lease Agreement
- Credit Card Statement
- Bank Statement

If the organization in your order does not the above bill/statement, please contact support using the below information to inquire about the Professional Opinion Letter.

If you have any questions, please contact Customer Support: