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Solution ID : SO19057

Last Modified : 05/08/2019

Installing intermediate certificates for IIS 5.0 , IIS 6.0 , or IIS 7.0 (with screenshots)


To install the intermediate certificates into the IIS servers, please view the following: 
Step 1: Install Thawte Intermediate CA Certificate
Installing the Thawte Intermediate CA described in article I NFO1384.
Note: Follow the same steps below to import Thawte Intermediate  CA.
  1. Add Certificate Snap-in within IIS: SO1849
  2. Click on Certificates from the left pane
  3. Double-click on Intermediate Certification Authorities from the right pane

  4. Right-click on Certificates folder from the right pane and select All Tasks > Import to open the Certificate Import Wizard

  5. Click on the Next button

  6. Specify the location of the Thawte Intermediate CA by browsing to it and click on the Next button
  7. By default, it will place the certificate in the Intermediate Certification Authorities store. Keep this selection and click on the Next button.

  8. Click on the Finish button

  9. A message will appear confirming the successful import of the certificate. Click on the OK button.
Step 2: Verify certificate installation
  1. Stop and start your Web server prior to any testing.
    Note: In some cases the changes may not take place after restarting IIS Services and a re-boot is needed.
  2. To verify if your certificate is installed correctly, use the Thawte Installation Checker