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Solution ID : SO19493

Last Modified : 06/21/2018

Error: "Microsoft Office Access cannot save the digital signature at this time" when signing a .accdb or accde file using Microsoft Office Access 2007


When using Visual Basic Editor in Microsoft Office Access 2007 to add a digital signature to a .accdb or accde file, you receive the following error:

Microsoft Office Access cannot save the digital signature at this time.

*You may be in a database under Source Code Control.
*You may be in a database which is read only.
*The database uses either the *.accdb or *.accde file name extension.  To sign such a database, click the Microsoft Office Button, point to the Publish menu, and then click Package and Sign.



The .accdb or .accde database files are not signed through Visual Basic Editor, which was the case for Microsoft Access 2003 database files (.mdb).

In Microsoft Access 2007, when you create an .accdb file or .accde file, you can package the file, apply a digital signature to the package, and then distribute the signed package to other users.  The Package and Sign tool places the database in an Access Deployment (.accdc) file, signs the file, and then places the signed package at a location that you determine.  Users can then extract the database from the package and work directly in the database (not in the package file).



Please see the following solution for instructions on signing and packaging the .accdb or .accde database files: SO6559