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Solution ID : SO20453

Last Modified : 05/02/2018

"Error: The Submitted CSR is not properly a formatted CSR" Using a CSR Generated from Citrix Access Gateway 5.x for Thawte SSL Certificate Enrollments


When enrolling for a new Thawte SSL Certificate or renewing a Thawte SSL Certificate using a CSR generated from a Citrix Access Gateway 5.x, the following error occurs:

The Submitted CSR is not properly a formatted CSR. Generate and submit a valid CSR


The error is caused when the required fields on the CSR of the Citrix Access Gateway is missing during the generation process.


Generate a new CSR or ensure that the current CSR contains all of the following required information:

  • Common Name
  • Email (Note: Can cause error if not included)
  • Company Name
  • Department Name
  • City
  • State (Note: Must not be abbreviated)
  • Country Code (Note: 2 letter code)