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Solution ID : SO22561

Last Modified : 12/28/2018

Installation Instructions for WHM 11



This document provides installation instructions for WHM 11. If you are not able to perform the steps on the server, RapidSSL recommends to contact WHM or the hosting company that provides WHM.

Step 1: Obtain the SSL certificate and intermediate CA certificate

    1.    The RapidSSL certificate download link will be sent by email.

    2.    Download and extract the certificate zip file from the email.

           NOTE: Click here for steps to download the RapidSSL certificate.

           Please select X.509 as a certificate format and copy only the End Entity Certificate.

Step 2: Install the RapidSSL certificate:

    1.    Login to WHM.
    2.    Under SSL/TLS click on Install a SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain

     3.    In the first box, paste in the SSL certificate code (from step 2). Ensure there are no trailing spaces
            at the end of each line.


    4.    The Private key box should automatically populate with a matching key (Do not change this).  If no key is populated, under (KEY) click the Fetch button.

Step 3: Install the RapidSSL Intermediate CA certificate:

    1.    Open the Intermediate CA certificate file (intermediate_ca.txt) downloaded in Step 1 in a text editor such as (Notepad or vi).
    2.    Copy and paste the entire contents into the available CA Bundle (CABUNDLE) box.


    3.    Scroll back to the top and click the Submit button.
    4.    If successful, you should see the following:


    5.     The certificate is now installed.
    6.     To verify if your certificate is installed correctly, use the RapidSSL Installation Checker