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Solution ID : SO2546

Last Modified : 06/04/2018

Install Certificate in iPlanet 4.x


Install Certificate in iPlanet 4.x
Install Certificate


To install a certificate and associate it with an alias, perform the following steps:

1. Access the Enterprise Administration Server and choose the Security tab.

2. Click the Install Certificate link.

3. Check the type of certificate you are installing:


 This Server is for a single certificate associated only with your server.

 Server Certificate Chain is for a CA?s certificate to include in a certificate chain.

 Trusted Certificate Authority (CA) is for a certificate of a CA that you want to accept as a trusted CA for client authentication.


4. If the certificate is for a chain, name the certificate.

Enterprise Server displays this name in the Manage Certificates list. The name should be descriptive and can include spaces. For example, ?United States Postal Service CA? is the name of the CA, and ?Symantec Class 2 Primary CA?

describes both the CA and the type of certificate. If the certificate is for ?this server,? the Enterprise Administration Server uses the name Server-Cert.


5. Either type the full pathname to the saved email or paste the email text in the field called Message text. If you copy and paste the text, be sure to include the headers ?Begin Certificate? and ?End Certificate??including the

beginning and ending hyphens. Make sure you check the corresponding radio button for either the file or the text.

6. Click OK.

7. Click the Add button.

The certificate is stored in the server?s certificate database. The filename will be <alias>-cert.db

For example, if your alias is ?mail,? the file will be: https- <servername>-mail-cert7.db