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Solution ID : SO25711

Last Modified : 05/08/2019

Installation Instructions for Plesk 10


This document provides instructions for installing SSL certificate on Plesk 10.

Step 1: Download the SSL Certificate & Intermediate CA Certificate

  1. Download your certificate from the unique secure link we provide your technical contact via order fulfillment email.
  2. The ZIP file you downloaded contains the following certificates:
    • SSL certificate (i.e. ssl_certificate.crt, also known as end entity certificate, public key certificate, digital certificate or identity certificate).
    • Intermediate CA certificate (i.e. IntermediateCA.crt, also known as chained certificate or signer/issuer of the ssl certificate).
  3. Unzip the files onto the server where you will install the certificate.

Step 2: Install the SSL Certificate & Intermediate CA Certificate

  1. Login to your Parallels Plesk Panel
  2. Click Tools & Utilities.

  3. Click the SSL Certificates link.

  4. Select the SSL Certificate name that you have initially created for the certificate signing request (CSR).

  5. In the Upload certificate as text section, use a text editor to open the SSL certificate (i.e. ssl_certificate.crt, as described in Step 1). Copy the contents of the SSL certificate file and paste it in the Certificate* box.
  6. In the CA certificate section, use a text editor to open the Intermediate CA certificate file (i.e. IntermediateCA.crt, as described in Step 1). Copy the contents of the Intermediate CA file and paste it in the CA certificate box.

  7. Click the Send Text button.
  8. Select the server tab/option.
  9. Choose the IP addresses to assign the SSL certificate.

  10. Select the IP Address for your domain.
  11. Assign your SSL certificate.

  12. Click OK.
  13. Browse to the server tab/option
  14. Under Server Management, select Services Management.

  15. Stop and Start the Apache Process.

If you are unable to use these instructions for your server, Thawte recommends that you contact either the vendor of your software or an organization that supports Plesk.

Step 3: Verify certificate installation

  1. To verify if your certificate is installed correctly, use the Thawte Installation Checker



For additional information, see Plesk Support website.