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Solution ID : SO2638

Last Modified : 05/02/2018

Generate a CSR for Tenon WebTen


Generate a CSR
Generate a private key


WebTen Key and CSR Generation

In order to obtain a server certificate, a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) must be sent to the Certificate Authority, along with other proof of identity documents.

  1. Fill out the SSL Settings form within the WebTen Administration Server.
  2. Submit the completed CSR to the Certificate Authority. Cut and paste the CSR from the SSL Settings form into the Thawte online form.

Your official certificate will be digitally signed and e-mailed to you by the CA.

Rename the certificate to "xx.xx.xx.xx.crt" (where <xx.xx.xx.xx> is the IP address of the virtual host for which the certificate was generated), and place the official certificate in the tenon/ssl/private folder.

The official certificate will replace the temporary self-signed certificate generated by WebTen for use prior to receipt of the official certificate.


SSL Settings

To generate a certificate request, click on the Certificate button beside the SSLSecurity entry in the WebTen Virtual Host Configuration table found here:

The SSL Settings page is a form for generating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR).

SSL Certificate Request Form

Common Name

The Common Name is the domain name of the Web server or of an IP-based virtual host.
This must be a fully qualified domain name, not an IP address or a DNS alias.

Organization Name

The Organization Name is the legal organization name.

Organizational Unit

The Organizational Unit is the department name or the name of a unit within an organization. This field is optional.


The Locality is the name of the city in which the organization resides. This field is optional.

State or Province

The State or Province is the name of the state or province in which the organization resides.

Country Code

The Country Code is a two-character country code for the country in which the organization resides.

Email Address

The Email Address is the email address of a contact or representative within this organization.


Generating a CSR

To generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) save the SSL Settings via the Save CSR button. This action has several effects.

If a private key for this virtual host does not exist, such a key is created and saved in a secure area in WebTen's internal file system.

The actual Certificate Signing Request information is displayed in the WebTen Administration Server.

This CSR is a X.509 formatted document which can be copied and pasted directly into Thawte's online request form.

This CSR is also saved in the tenon/ssl/certs folder in a file named xx.xx.xx.xx.csr (where <xx.xx.xx.xx> is the IP address of the virtual host for which the CSR was generated).

Certificate Signing Request A temporary, self-signed certificate is created for use while your CSR is being processed by the CA.

The self-signed certificate will allow your virtual server to perform secure transactions while your official certificate request is being processed. 

Note: In the interest of better security and the enablement of greater trust, we have decided that 2048 bit keys will now be the minimum strength used in the issuance of Thawte digital certificates.

Vendor instructions can also be found at the website: