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Solution ID : SO2645

Last Modified : 05/02/2018

Generate a CSR for Lotus Domino Go


Generate a CSR for Lotus Domino Go


To generate a CSR for Lotus Domino Go follow the instructions below:

Since Thawte is not a default CA for Domino Go version 4.6.x, you need to install our root certificate before proceeding with your request. The root certificate contains the key that is used to verify the signatures on the certificates we issue. It is the same root that is embedded in Navigator and MSIE.

Note: 2048 is the minimum key bit size accepted by Thawte


Step 1: Embed Root Certificate

The Thawte Root can be located at the following link :
It is a text file. Save it on your server hard drive. Then go to the Administration interface of your web server. Underneath the Security configuration section of your server then click Receive Certificate. You will need to specify your current keyring file and pass phrase, and ask it to install the root certificate that you saved on your hard drive.

Step 2: Mark the Root as a trusted root

  1. Under "Security" again you will see a link called "Key Management".
  2. You will need to specify the key ring password.
  3. Select Designate Trusted Root Keys.
  4. The Thawte root will be listed in X.400 format.
  5. Select it, then press Apply.
  6. The Thawte root is now a trusted CA for your server.

Step 3: Generate your own key and CSR

  1. Thawte will only accept a PKCS#10 CSR.
  2. Go the the Create Keys link on the Admin page under Security.
  3. Choose Other as your CA.
  4. On the next page, Important: do not give a postal code.
  5. Specify your country as the two-letter code in UPPER CASE.
  6. Enter the full state name, do no abbreviate. You are going to save the CSR to a file.
  7. Make a note where the file saved (the default is C:\WWW\Bin\CertReq.txt). This file is the CSR that can be submitted during the Thawte Certificate enrollment.