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Solution ID : SO28488

Last Modified : 05/02/2018

Certificate Signing Request (CSR) Generation Instructions for Plesk 12


To generate a Certificate Signing Request using Plesk 12, perform the following steps:

  1.   Log in to the Plesk Panel.

  2.   Go to the Websites & Domains tab and select the domain to be secured.

  3.   Click Secure Your Sites.

  4.   Click Add SSL Certificate.


  5.   On the next page enter a Certificate Name to easily recognize the certificate.  Fill in the required organization information for the CSR:

    • Common Name: The fully-qualified domain name to which your certificate will be issued.
    • Organization: The full legal name of your company.
    • Organizational Unit: Use this field to differentiate between divisions within an organization.
    • City or Locality: Usually the city of your organization's main office, or a main office for your organization.
    • State or Province: Enter the full name of your state or province. 
      Note: Make sure the State or Province is not abbreviated (e.g. California).
    • Country: Enter the two-character abbreviation of country in which organization resides (e.g. US)
    • E-mail: Enter an email address.  The email used for CSR generation will not be used for domain control validation or for reception of the issued certificate.
  6.   Click on Request.


  7.   A new entry will be added to the list of SSL Certificates.  Click on the newly created certificate name to see the CSR code and Private Key.

    The CSR code will be located at the bottom of the next page.  Please include the tags -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST----- and -----END CERTIFICATE REQUEST----- when submitting the CSR code for an order.

    Once the certificate has been issued, follow the steps from this link to install the certificate on your server.