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How to allow the USB token and Smart Cards to work on a different computer.


The user needs to use the Token or Smart Card on a different computer.


The Token is portable and can be used on a different computer as long as:

1. SafeNet client is installed.

2. ECA Root and Intermediate certificates are installed.


Install Safenet

Important: Close all browser sessions when installing safenet.

Win Install: SafeNet Client

For Mac Install: SafeNet Client for MAC's


Install Intermediate and Root Certificates

Mac and Windows: ECA Root and Intermediate Certificates

Mac users should install the Root and Intermediate certificates using the Firefox import instructions.


If the token does not associate properly in Firefox

If the token isn't showing up in Firefox, you may need to manually add it.  Follow these instructions to do so:

  1. Click the sandwich button on the far right and choose the Preferences cog.
  2. Select the Advanced wizard hat on the bottom left, then the Certificates tab on the far right.    Click the Security Devices button.  On the right, click the Load button.
  3. In the Module name field, enter a name for the token (IE Safenet Token)
  4. In the Module filename field, browse to the appropriate file depending on your OS:
    • For MAC:  /usr/local/lib/libeTPkcs11.dylib
    • For Win:  C:\Windows\System32\eTPKCS11.dll
  5. then click OK, then OK again on the confirmation popup. 
  6. Verify that Firefox recognizes the token:
  • Click the sandwich button and choose the Preferences cog.
  • Select the Advanced wizard hat on the bottom left, then Certificates tab (on right).  
  • Click the Security Devices button.  You should see the device in the device manager.
  • If you don’t see the device, especially if you’re using OS 10.10, you may need to fix your drivers.  If so, do the following:
    • Using Finder, Go -> Go to folder...., navigate to the "/usr/libexec/SmartCardServices/drivers" directory. This is where PCSCD drivers are located. Delete the eTokenIfdh.bundle and all bundles that start with eToken from the PCSCD directory. DO NOT remove any other bundles. Reboot the system.


Once these components are installed the Token should be able to work on a different computer.  If you require further assistance, please email