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Solution ID : SO29120

Last Modified : 05/20/2019

Trust Center: Pick up your Code Signing certificate using "On my USB token or smart card"


To pick up your Code Signing certificate if you have selected the option "On my USB token or smart card," please use the instructions below.

Certificate pick up through Approval e-mail

  1. Open the Code Signing Certificate order approval email that was received. 
  2. Click the secure URL link within the email and follow the steps how to pick up certificate through Trust Center.


Certificate pick up through Trust Center

  1. Log in to the Trust Center account.
  2. Enter the Username and Password, click Sign In.
    Note: If you do not remember your Username or Password, refer to this solution.
  3. From the list, select the corresponding certificate to download.
  4. Under the Order summary tab > Available Actions, select Pick up your certificate.
  5. Select the option, On my USB token or smart card.

  6. The Web Access Confirmation message window will appear. Click Yes.
    Note: Two security windows will ask to perform certificate operations, you must confirm both to continue.

  7. Plug in your USB token or smart card into the computer. Windows will scan your computer and automatically install drivers needed for the device.
    Note: For further assistance with your USB token or smart card, reference your device manufacturer for help.
  8. Select the cryptographic service provider (CSP) and Signature hash algorithm (SHA) for the USB token or smart card device.

  9. Click Continue to install your certificate into your USB token or smart card device.
  10. You should receive a successful installation message that the code signing certificate has been installed.