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Solution ID : SO3672

Last Modified : 06/04/2018

Generate CSR for CPanel



It is rare that cPanel customers will have direct access to generate their own CSRs and install SSL certificates. If you are a hosting customer and you use cPanel, first check with your hosting provider how you would go about requesting a CSR

WHM (Web Hosting Manager)

WebHost Manager is the control center of the CPanel / WebHost Manager package. It is used to set up and manage accounts. Use WHM to generate your CSR and install your issued certificate.

To generate a SSL certificate:

  1. Click on the Generate an SSL certificate and Signing Request link in the SSL/TLS menu.
  2. Enter the email address to send the certificate to in the Email Address the Cert will be sent to field.
  3. Enter the domain that the domain is being created for in the Host to make cert for field.
  4. Enter the administration details of the certificate in the Country, State, City, Company Name, Company Division, and Email fields.
  5. Enter the password for the certificate in the Password field.
  6. Click Create

Your CSR will now have been created. Open the CSR in a text editor and copy and paste the contents into the online enrollment form when requested.

To install the certificate please have a look at the solution: SO3673

For detailed information go to the CPanel documentation: