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Solution ID : SO4098

Last Modified : 06/04/2018

Install a Thawte SSL123 Certificate on Zeus Web Server


Install a Thawte SSL123 certificate on a Zeus Web Server
How do I install a Thawte SSL123 certificate on a Zeus Web Server


To install your Thawte SSL123 certificate on a Zeus Web Server, perform the following steps:
Note: You will want to put all of the certificates in the chain in one text file.
You will have the following certificates in the following order in your text file:
1 - Your Thawte SSL123 certificate certificate, which can be downloaded from: SO13187
2 - The Thawte SSL123 Intermediate CA, which can be downloaded from: AR1384
3 - The Thawte Premium Server CA, which can be downloaded from: AR1470
Simply paste in each certificate one after the other to form the complete certificate chain.
To Install this certificate:
1 - Access the administrative interface for the server by going to http://localhost:9090 by default
2 - Select SSL Certificates
3 - You should see an option to Replace Certificate. If you do not see this option, click the Generate CSR button
4 - Copy the contents of the certificate chain file, which should include the Thawte SSL123 Certificate, the Thawte SSL123 Intermediate CA and the Thawte Premium Server CA.
Paste this into the box for Signed Certificate and click OK
5 - Accept the new certificate
6 - Click Home, check off the box next to the domain and click configure
7 - Go to SSL enabled and click on SSL enabled and point to your SSL certificate
8 - Save the changes and reboot the server.