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Solution ID : SO5181

Last Modified : 06/20/2018

How to import a personal certificate into the Mac Keychain


Need to import personal certificate for use on a Mac


To process an import, you must first have a valid exported certificate to import. 
For links to export certificates, refer to Symantec article SO6063 at: id=SO6063

Import on Mac OS 10.x:

1.  Install the Certificate on another computer and export it.  Transport that exported file to your Mac.
2.  Locate the Certificate file, and double-click it (It should have the extension *.p12 or *.pfx)
3.  Keychain Access will open. If not, drag the certificate file to the Keychain Access application icon (/Applications/Utilities)
4.  You will be asked "Do you want to add the certificate from the file?"  Indicate that you do.
5.  When prompted, enter the backup password (you created at export) for the Certificate file.
6.  You will be notified that the certificate is added.  Quit Keychain Access Application.

For more information on importing certificates on Mac, check out the Apple Knowledge Base:

For tips on associating your imported certificate with mail clients, refer to Symantec Article SO6063 at: id=SO6063

Note: When you are moving a personal certificate from one computer to use on a new computer, you will need the intermediate and root certificates for that personal certificate to function properly.  Do not assume these are exported, use the following links to install them on each computer you import the certificates to:
For ECA Certificates
For Digital ID Certificates