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Solution ID : SO5535

Last Modified : 05/02/2018

Troubleshooting Error: User certificate installation failed Oracle 10g


When trying to install an SSL certificate with Oracle wallet manager, you receive the following error:


The following issues can cause this error:

  • The wallet is missing the correct root certificate
  • The wallet is missing the correct intermediate certificate
  • There is no matching certificate request found
  • The SSL certificate was signed using the SHA2 (SHA-256) Signature Algorithm


Troubleshooting a missing Root or Intermediate CA: 
To resolve this issue, download and install the Symantec Root and Intermediate Certificate Authority (CA) Certificate. 
  • To download and install the Root and the Intermediate CA certificates, perform the steps from this link: SO4083
  • Proceed with the certificate installation by following the steps from the same link.

Troubleshooting a Certificate Mismatch:

If the correct Root and Intermediate CA have been imported and the error continues, more than likely the issue is due to a certificate request mis-match.

In order to resolve this, the correct certificate request must be located to install the corresponding certificate.

NOTE: If this is not possible, a new Wallet should be created along with a new Certificate Signing Request.
The new CSR should then be submitted for a replacement certificate.

  • To generate a new Wallet and CSR, please see solution SO5293
  • To submit the CSR for a replacement, please see solution SO7146

Troubleshooting an SSL Certificate signed using the SHA2 (SHA-256) Signature Algorithm

Oracle Wallet Manager 10.x.x.x does not support SSL certificates signed with a SHA2 Signature Algorithm. In order to support SHA2 certificates, you will need to upgrade to Oracle Wallet Manager


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