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Solution ID : SO6061

Last Modified : 05/20/2019

How do I transfer an SSL certificate into a Trust Center account?




The Trust Center allows you to manage all of your certificates in one place.  Most commonly you will want to transfer any 'Valid' certificates. Note that any certificates in 'Pending' state cannot be moved until approved and issued.  Also, you may add Revoked and Expired certificates if you need to track or maintain them for auditing purposes.

To transfer an SSL Certificate into a Trust Center account, perform the following steps:

1.  Click here to access the Trust Center login page
2.  Enter Username and Password
3.  Click Sign In
Note:  If you do not remember your Username or Password, click here for the steps to reset the password
4.  On the right side, under Certificate Services, click Search for certificates...

5.  Enter the Common Name or Order Number of the corresponding certificate to transfer
6.  Click Search
7.  In the results page, click the name of the certificate to transfer
8.  Under the Available Actions click Transfer

9.  Enter the Challenge Phrase or username/password set for the previous certificate

If you have forgotten the Challenge Phrase or username/password, click Don't know help icon:

Challenge Phrase - Click Email the reminder question.   An email will be sent to the Technical contact on the current order with the reminder question specified during enrollment.

Important:  The Challenge Phrase cannot be reset.  If problems persist, please have the Corporate or Technical contact listed on the current order send an e-mail to, confirming that they want the certificate to be transferred to the Trust Center account.  This e-mail must come from the same address listed under the Corporate or Technical contact information of the current order, and it needs to include the following information:


  • Order Number (of the certificate to be transferred)
  • Common Name
  • Username of the Trust Center account to that the certificate will be transferred

Username/password - To recover the username and password, refer to SO6057

10.  Click Transfer

Note:  When transferring a certificate, the certificate will no longer be visible or manageable in the source account.  For example, if you are transferring an SSL certificate from account A to account B, the certificate will no longer be listed in account A.