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How to backup, export, move, and install Personal Certificates that have been picked up or previously installed.


You need to:
  • Backup a personal certificate
  • Setup a different computer to use the USB token or Smart Cards
  • Export a personal certificate
  • Import a personal certificate
  • Move a personal certificate to another browser, mail client, or computer
  • Install a personal certificate on more than one browser or mail client on the same computer


A personal certificate is the end of a certificate chain. It will be issued to (named) [your name] or "Persona Not Validated" and can be found in the personal folders in your certificate stores.
There are two types of personal certificates: Identity and Encryption.  Our Digital ID for Secure Email product is an encryption certificate only (which is why it is issued to "Persona Not Validated").  Our ECA Certificates come with both an Identity certificate and an Encryption certificate.
Choose your activity on the left and follow the steps in the right hand column.  Example: If you need to move your identity certificate to a new computer for authenticating with an entity (such as the Department of Defense), you would follow steps 1-3 next to Move Certificates in the table below.  If this example were done through Internet Explorer, you would use articles SO7079, SO10186, and SO7085.

Activity Steps (complete each step in order)
Backup Certificates 1. Export certificate(s)
Move Certificates 1. Export certificate(s) 2. Install intermediate/root certificates 3. Import certificate(s)
Certificate on Mail Client 1. Move certificate (steps as above)  2. Associate with mail client


How to export Symantec personal certificates: 

SO7079 Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer (On PC)
SO4291 Mozilla Firefox (On PC and Mac)
SO2139 Netscape 
SO28421 Mac Keychain
SO10780 Export from Outlook

How to import Symantec personal certificates: 
SO7085 Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer (On PC)
SO5437 Mozilla Firefox (On PC and Mac)
SO2800 Netscape
SO5181 Mac Keychain

How to associate certificates for use within mail clients:
SO10781 Outlook/Outlook Express (all versions for PC)
SO6722 Outlook/Entourage (all versions for Mac)
SO4292 Mozilla Thunderbird
SO10732 Windows Mail
SO28425 Apple Mail
INFO646 Lotus Notes
**Not finding your Mail client?  Request a walk through from


How to use Token or Smart Card on another computer:
SO28695 Mac and PC

Install Intermediate and Root Certificates:
SO10186 - ECA Intermediate and Root Certificates
SO6395 - Digital ID Intermediate and Root Certificates