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Solution ID : SO6294

Last Modified : 05/02/2018

How to download an issued SSL certificate in the Managed PKI Control Center


These instructions are for Managed PKI for SSL Administrators only.  Subscribers should contact an administrator with the Subscriber Services link.

This document is intended to be used with SSL/TLS & Code Signing for Java certificates.  If you have a Code Signing for Authenticode certificate, install the certificate using the pick-up link in the fulfillment email.

  1. Go to the Managed PKI for SSL Control Center.

  2. Select Certificate Management from the black ribbon menu on top of the page.
  3. On the left-hand navigation click Search Certificates.
  4. Enter the Common Name, Email Address, or Certificate Serial Number.
  5. (Optional) Select additional search filters from each drop down list.
  6. Adjust the Start Date Range.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. Locate the certificate to download from the search results.
  9. Click Download from the Action column.
  10. Click Download.
  11. Certificates are available in two formats PKCS#7 and X.509.  Both formats will be available regardless of the server platform specified during enrollment.  Certificates can be downloaded as many times as required. The CSR submitted for the enrollment is also available for download from this page.

    Select the appropriate certificate format for the server.
    • PKCS#7 - Commonly used with Microsoft & Java servers. This format includes the required Intermediate CA certificate combined with the End Entity certificate in a single file.
    • X.509 - For use with most server platforms.  This format is only the End Entity certificate.  The required Intermediate CA certificate can be downloaded from Certificate Management > Install CA.
    • CSR - Once a certificate is issued the CSR commonly is no longer required.  However, the CSR is available for download should it be required.
  12. Open a plain text editor such as Notepad or Vi.
  13. Copy the certificate text including the -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- through -----END CERTIFICATE----- lines.
  14. Paste the copied file into the editor.
    Note: Be sure to remove any blank spaces or line returns above or below the certificate text.
  15. Save the file with one of the following file extensions:
    • PKCS#7 - <file-name>.p7b
    • X.509 - <file-name>.cer
    • CSR - <file-name>.req