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Solution ID : SO6605

Last Modified : 04/16/2019

How to enroll for an additional Managed PKI for SSL Administrator ID?


There are two Methods to obtain an Additional Managed PKI for SSL Administrator ID:

Method 1 - For existing Administrators to add an additional Administrator

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Support and Services
  3. From the left hand menu click Additional Administrator ID
  4. Follow the on screen instructions and complete the Enrollment for Additional Administrator ID

Method 2 - For a non-Administrator to enroll for an Administrator ID

Please contact the security administrators for the account so they can grant you account access.

Method 3 - Obtaining Admin ID Website Security Services (VICE2.0)


  • Your Managed PKI for SSL account needs to have the following option enabled: Enable VICE 2.0 Web Services (API's for certificate enrollment). To request this feature, send an email to
  • You must have a regular Admin ID for accessing the MSSL Control Center
  1. To enroll for a Website Security Services (VICE2.0) Admin ID, perform the steps below:
  2. Production enrollment:
    Pilot enrollment:
  3. Enter the Organization as listed in the MPKI for SSL Account
  4. The administrator certificate used in support of VICE 2.0 will have the Web Services Application role only.
    When entering the Managed PKI Administrator information please do not use an individual's information.
    The first and last name on the VICE 2 Web Services Administrator ID should reflect something other than an individual.(e.g. a machine name)

  5. Create the Challenge Phrase
  6. Click the Accept & Submit button
  7. Once the VICE 2 Admin ID enrollment has been completed, send an email to requesting information for the pocessing of the ID.  
  8. Web Services Form

Create the Challenge Phrase and then hit the Accept & Submit button. Once the VICE 2 Admin ID enrollment has been completed, fill out the Web Services Administrator Certificate Authorization form attached at bottom of page and send in an email to

NOTE: Physically Sign the Form Before sending to the Enterprise Authentication Team for processing.