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Solution ID : SO6990

Last Modified : 05/02/2018

How do I reset the challenge phrase of a Managed PKI for SSL certificate?


Resetting the challenge phrase of a Managed PKI for SSL certificate


To assign a new challenge phrase for an issued certificate in the event you forgot the original challenge phrase, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Managed PKI for SSL Control Center

  2.  At the top, click Certificate Management
  3. On the left hand side, click Search Certificates
  4. Type the Common Name, email address, or serial number of the certificate
  5. Specify a date range that the certificate was issued
  6. Click Submit
  7. Find the certificate you wish to reset the challenge phrase for in the list
  8. Click Set Challenge Phrase link for that certificate
  9. Type the new challenge phrase and confirm.
  10. Click Assign

Note: The MPKI for SSL Administrator must have the Security Administrator role assigned in order to reset the challenge phrase.