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Solution ID : SO7018

Last Modified : 05/21/2018

How to process certificate requests for a Managed PKI for SSL Control Center


Process / Approve / Reject certificate requests for a Managed PKI for SSL Control Center


To approve or reject certificate requests, it must be processed by an Administrator with the Certificate Management or Security Administrator role.  From the Control Center's Certificate Management page, you can view each request, review the details of the enrollment information, and approve or reject the certificate request.  These tasks are the core of an administrator's job.

To approve or reject a certificate request, follow these instructions:

1.  Go to the Managed PKI Control Center:


2.  From the top menu, click Certificate Management.
3.  From the left side menu, click Process Requests.
4.  Review the request.  For more detailed information, clicking View Details.

Validate the certificate request, confirm the certificate applicant's identity and that the Web server to which the certificate is issued is an officially sanctioned site of your organization.  Also, confirm that all other information intended for inclusion in the certificate is accurate.

  • If the information is valid, click Approve to approve the certificate request.  The request is signed using your administrator private key and sent to Symantec, where the certificate is generated, signed, and entered in the Symantec Certificate Repository.
  • If you cannot validate the certificate request, you must reject the request.  Click Reject to reject a request. Managed PKI prompts you for a reason for rejection, then creates an e-mail message to the applicant that includes the reason.


Note:  If the following error occurs when accessing the Control Center: "Cannot Verify Administrator's Identity" see this page for a resolution