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Intermediate Certificate Authority (CA) Replacement Instructions for Apache Web Server





To replace the expired Symantec Intermediate CA certificate on an Apache Web server, follow the steps below:
1. Locate the current Intermediate CA that is already installed on your server. You can find this certificate by following the path listed next to the SSLCertificateChainFile directive in your httpd.conf file.
For example: SSLCertificateChainFile/etc/ssl/crt/intermediate.crt. 
NOTE: Depending on the version of Apache, the directive may be SSLCACertificateFile. If your server is using an expired Intermediate CA, there should be either a SSLCertificateChainFile or SSLCACertificateFile directive located in the .conf file. If you do not have a SSLCertificateChainFile or SSLCACertificateFile reference, you should add the directive to your .conf file and point to the updated Intermediate CA file.
2. Remove the current Intermediate CA certificate.
3. Obtain the updated Symantec Intermediate CA by going to the  Intermediate CA Certificate page.
4. Using a plain text editor such as Notepad, save the updated Intermediate CA certificate as intermediate.crt to the SSL directory.
5. Stop and then restart your Apache server.