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Solution ID : SO947

Last Modified : 05/02/2018

Generate Private key and CSR in Zeus


How to generate a private key and csr in Zeus
How do I generate a private key and csr in Zeus


To generate a private key and csr in Zeus, perform the following steps:

Zeus Server allows each of your virtual servers to have their own SSL certificates. This allows multiple secure sites to run on the same Zeus server. Each virtual server requires its own public and private certificates for secure communication.

Secure certificates are added to a virtual server by clicking on the SSL Configuration link from the Edit Server page. The easiest way to configure SSL on your virtual server is to use the 'SSL Quick Setup' wizard. Click the 'SSL Quick Setup' button and fill in the form.

You can configure your SSL server manually. You can use the cert tool ($ZEUSHOME/admin/bin/cert)or an equivalent tool like openssl to generate the keys and certificates.


Generating a private key:

$ $ZEUSHOME/admin/bin/cert -new -type private -keysize 2048 -out private.key


Note: A key length of 1024 bit is the default. Thawte requires a mimimum key lenght of 2048 bit.

Generating keys, this may take a few seconds. Your new private key will be written to 'private.key'


Generating a certificate request:

$ $ZEUSHOME/admin/bin/cert -new -type request -key private.key -out cert.csr

The following information is required to make up the certificate:

  • Country: US
  • State/Province : California
  • Locality (town/city): Mountain View
  • Organisation: Thawte
  • Organisational Unit: IT
  • Common Name (full DNS name of the machine):
    Note: Optional fields can be left blank by entering a '.'


Your certificate request will be written to the file 'cert.csr'. Use this CSR for requesting your Thawte Certificate.

Once the certificate is issued, you can install the certificate following the solution: SO14977