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Solution ID : SO9659

Last Modified : 06/20/2018

How to install your Class 1 Digital ID Certificate into Mac OSX using a Safari browser 3.1 or higher


How to install your Class 1 Digital ID Certificate into Mac OSX using a Safari browser 3.1 or higher


* Note: You must use the same machine and browser that you used to enroll for you certificate.

1.  Open your 'Safari' browser and clear cache.  Click Safari > Empty Cache... > Empty.
2.  Go to your approval email and click on the link to pickup your certificate.  Ensure that the link opens with 'Safari'.
3.  Enter the PIN on the approval email and click Submit.
4.  Click Download when prompted "Are you sure want to download the application 'sophia.exe'?"
5.  The 'Keychain Access' will open.  Under the drop down menu entitled Keychain, choose System, then click OK.
6.  You may be asked to enter your Keychain Access Password.  Enter the password and click OK.
* Note: This password is not managed by Symantec nor was it created during the process for the Class 1 Digital ID Certificate.  This is a password controlled and managed by your machine.
7.  Your certificate is now installed.

To view the certificate in the Keychain Access application:
1.  Open a 'Finder' and select Application on the left hand column.  Then go to Utilities > and double click Keychain Access.
2.  On the left column under Keychains, select System.  Under Category on the left column, select Certificates.
3.  Double click on the certificate with your name that you had enrolled as and verify that the expiration date is one year from the day you were issued the certificate.

* Note: It is sometimes not possible to install the sophia.exe file because Safari browser is locked down for installing the digital ids. Therefore, it is required to install the certificate first on the certificate store within the operating system (Mac OSX), import it onto the browser (Safari) and finally set it up on the corresponding mail client to be used for signing and encrypting.
If the digital id cannot be installed after following the steps outlined above, then the digital id has to be revoked and re-enrolled using a different browser.