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Solution ID : TECH15917

Last Modified : 05/03/2018

Symantec Identity Protection (VIP) security codes are not generated after syncing to a new iPhone


When trying to use your VIP Access for Mobile application on another iPhone after syncing through iTunes, you can launch VIP Access, but no security codes are displayed.


Although the VIP Access application can be transferred to another iPhone, the VIP credential cannot be copied for security reasons. This ensures that your VIP Access credential cannot be cloned.

To restore functionality, uninstall your existing application and reinstall VIP Access from the iTunes App Store on the new iPhone. When you reinstall VIP Access, your current credential ID is not retained, and a new credential ID is issued.

You must re-register your new VIP Access credential at each VIP member site where you originally registered VIP Access.  Be sure to follow each member site's instructions for logging in temporarily without a security code.  If necessary, contact support at the member site if you have questions about the login process.