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Enforcement of DigiCert​​®​​ KeyLocker service limits

Solution ID : ALERT17
Last Modified : 03/23/2024

On November 3, 2023, DigiCert introduced new limits for customers with code signing certificates stored in KeyLocker. These limits include a 1,000-signature limit per certificate and restrict one signer per certificate. These limits were communicated during the KeyLocker purchase process. However, to date, we have not implemented technical measures to enforce these limits.

Starting March 19, 2024, DigiCert began enforcing our signature and signer limits on KeyLocker certificates purchased on or after November 3, 2023.

How will enforcement of KeyLocker certificate limits affect you?

If your KeyLocker certificate was purchased prior to November 3, 2023:

Your certificate is not affected by the new signature and signer limits. However, if you renew the certificate, all new signature and signer limits will apply and be enforced.

If your KeyLocker certificate was purchased between November 3, 2023 and the enforcement date of no earlier than March 19, 2024:

  • Your signature usage will be reset to zero.

  • Your signature limit will be set to 1,000 regardless of the validity period of the certificate.

  • You will no longer have the option to add more than one signer to your certificate, though you will be able to change the designated signer.

  • If you have already assigned multiple signers to your certificate before enforcement begins, they will remain assigned for the certificate’s validity period. However, if you renew the certificate after the enforcement date, you will only be able to assign one signer to it.

If you purchase or renew a KeyLocker certificate after the March 19, 2024, enforcement date

Your purchase will incur a standard KeyLocker service fee regardless of the validity period of the certificate. This fee entitles you to a limit of one signer and 1,000 signatures per certificate. You can increase your signature limit at any time by purchasing additional signatures in increments of 1,000.


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