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Update your Norton seal script for continued display on your website

Solution ID : AL160421225054
Last Modified : 10/21/2023

As a DigiCert customer with the entitlement to display the Norton Seal, you must update your site script to continue to display the seal without interruption.

If you haven’t already, please visit your CertCentral® account to update your Norton Seal script for your website by Friday, April 23, 2021, to ensure there is no disruption to displaying the seal. 


  1. Log into your CertCentral Account.
  2. Go to “Certificates” -> “Orders”.
  3. Select the appropriate “Order ID” to get to the “Order Details” page.
  4. Click on “Certificate Actions” drop-down.
  5. Select “Site Seal”.
  6. Copy the seal script found there using it to replace the existing seal script on your site(s).


We wanted to provide you with advance notice of these changes so that you can identify where you use the Norton Seal on your site and develop a plan to update the seal script. You can update your seal at any time to ensure the seal always displays on your site.