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Add Notification Groups and Contacts

Solution ID : SO230
Last Modified : 10/28/2023

Contacts are groups or persons who will be notified of a domain traffic anomaly for Constellix's Real-Time Traffic Anomaly Detection service. 

In order to add contacts, a group must be established first. This guide will facilitate the user in adding groups and contacts to Constellix.


In order to add contacts and groups, a domain needs to be added to your Constellix account with Real-Time Traffic Anomaly Detection service enabled.

Add an Analytics Notification Group

Log in to the Analytics section of the Constellix dashboard and follow the proceeding steps to add a contact group.

1. Log into the Constellix Analytics dashboard.

2. Click on the plus icon under the Anomaly header next to the domain that you are adding the group for (or whichever icon appears under this section).

3. Click on the Contacts button.

4. Click on the Add Group button in the Manage Anomaly Contacts section.

5. Click on the pencil icon to name the group.

6. Enter the preferred name and press the ENTER key on your keyboard to populate the name. Click on Save to save the entered name.

Created groups will populate in the left column below the Add Group button.

Add Analytics Notification Contacts

Once a group has been established, follow the proceeding steps to add contacts to a group. Multiple emails can be entered following the steps below.

1. Click on the Add Contact button from the Contacts in Group section on the right.

2. Click on Click to enter email contact and fill in the field with the email.

3. Click on the Save button.

Use live, working emails, not the example email used in the example above.