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Round Robin Load Balancing

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Last Modified : 10/21/2023


Round Robin is a load balancing configuration that allows you to distribute web traffic evenly across servers. This is achieved by creating multiple records with the same name. In Constellix, you need only add additional endpoints to one record. This still creates a record for each IP/host but keeps everything in one place. For example purposes, we will be using an A record, but the steps apply to AAAA and ANAME record types as well.

Common Use Cases for Round Robin Load Balancing

The Round Robin technique is used to cycle traffic loads evenly among servers. This ensures that no single resource is overloaded. Because multiple servers share your website’s traffic load, your network’s speed and performance are also improved.

To learn more about load balancing, use cases, and to view video tutorials visit our DNS Load Balancing page.



  • A domain has already been added to your Contellix account
  • You understand the basics of load balancing
  • You have a basic understanding of record creation

: We have several tutorials on creating records if you need help.

How to Configure Round Robin in Constellix

  1. Log in to the Constellix 

    In the Constellix dashboard, select your domain from the Recently Updated Domains list or search for the domain in the top-left search bar

    Note: Options available may vary depending on the current configurations set for your domain.

  2. Expand A Record Options 

    After selecting the domain that needs the A record, you will be taken to the Records page. The A Record section is the first option.  If you have not configured any A records for this domain yet, click the green + icon beside A record to expand options. 

  3. Click the green + icon to add an A record 

  4. Enter the A Record Values and Save 

    You should now see the Add A Record pop-up window. Fill out the following values: 

Note: For Round Robin configurations, the record mode should be set to standard (the default setting).

A. Name: Enter the hostname for the record. To set the record for the root domain (@), leave this field blank.

B. TTL: Time to live (measured in seconds) determines how long a record is cached in nameservers. Visit our What is TTL resource for more information and best practices for TTLs.

: For mission-critical records or those that require frequent updates, we recommend setting TTL values between 30 and 300 seconds. For failover configurations, 30 seconds is ideal for preventing end-user disruptions. 

C. Disable Record: This option allows you to remove records from our nameservers without removing the record configuration in the Constellix DNS control panel. See our Disabling a Record tutorial for more information.

D. IP: Enter the IP addresses for your Round Robin configuration. To add additional IPs to your configuration, click the gray +Add Another IP button (you can use up to 255 IPs).

Note: IP addresses will be enabled by default once more than one is added. You can disable and re-enable IPs at any time.

E. Notes: The note section lets you add important details and keywords so you can easily search for specific records later (optional, but recommended).

F. Save: If you need to add an additional A record, tap the green Save and Continue button, otherwise, click on Save and Close.

Note: In order for your A record to take effect, you must review and apply changes.

If you would like to create Round Robin based on region, performance, or capacity, visit our Weighted Round Robin tutorial. You can also configure Round Robin with DNS Failover.

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