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What is a Traceroute?

Solution ID : SO270
Last Modified : 10/21/2023

Common questions:

  • How many network hops to resolve this domain?
  • How is this system connected to the Internet?

A traceroute gives you a detailed log of all the network hops between your users and your target system. Traceroutes show you each sequential hop and the RTT (round trip time) for each successful hop. You can use traceroutes to quickly identify the source(s) of latency. 

What are traceroutes used for?

Traceroutes are used to track transit delays of packets across a network. Rather than a ping which tells you the total RTT between a user and a system.

A traceroute will fail if two of the three packets sent are lost. This likely means that there is a faulty configuration somewhere.

  1.  Specify the Host/IP 

    You can run a traceroute on the same page that you would create a Sonar check. Just specify the host or IP and click "Run Traceroute". 

  2.  Select Location 

    Choose which monitoring node you want to run your traceroute from. 

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