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What is a Web (HTTP/HTTPS) Check?

Solution ID : SO274
Last Modified : 10/21/2023

HTTP Check

Common questions:

  • Is my webserver working?
  • How fast is my webserver responding?

An HTTP check, also known as a header check, monitors web server response times and status codes for a domain. Check your website’s status and make sure your web server is up and responding from many different locations.

Try It Yourself

Sonar Lite only allows you to see whether a domain is UP (2xx) or DOWN (4xx), but you can see all response codes in the full version of Sonar.

How HTTP Check Work

Checks HTTP headers returned from the webserver.


Common questions:

  • Is my SSL certificate working?
  • Is my domain secure?

Check your domain over HTTPS (port 443) to make sure your SSL certificate is valid. Sonar Lite will only tell you if your domain is UP or DOWN over HTTPS, so you will need to contact your SSL vendor to see what the issue is.