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Transferring to Constellix

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Last Modified : 10/21/2023


There are multiple ways to move your domains and DNS records to Constellix from another provider. This guide is an overview of each option and will help you decide which method is right for you.

DNS Migration Through API

If you have API functionality from your previous provider, you can use this method to seamlessly import your domain and DNS record configurations into Constellix. Due to the differences in features and implementation across providers, services such as Failover and Global Traffic Director, etc, cannot be migrated and must be reconfigured manually. This technique is especially helpful for users who are importing multiple domains and records at one time.

We offer built-in support for API Migration for the following providers:

For a complete walkthrough, visit our How Import a Domain With API Keys tutorial.

New DNS Domain Wizard

Our New Domain Wizard was designed to provide you with a simple way to add domains to your Constellix account. Once you enter your domain name(s) in the wizard, you can select option 1 to perform a record scan. The tool guides you through the entire process step-by-step and is perfect for novice users or those without API functionality.

For a complete walkthrough, visit our New Domain Wizard tutorial.

Note: This method is not recommended if you have complex record configurations, as it will not carry over all of the records for your domain. The Domain Wizard will only scan for the most popular hostnames and record types (A, MX, TXT, etc).

Import through AXFR

Another import option is through AXFR, which allows you to perform a direct zone transfer via Nameserver AXFR. This method allows you to import DNS records from an external domain into an existing domain in Constellix.

For a complete walkthrough, visit our Import through an AXFR Transfer tutorial.

Note: When using the nameserver import feature, all existing records and configurations (i.e. failover) for this domain will be removed. 

Import from Zone File

Importing from a zone file lets you import DNS records from an existing domain into a domain in your Constellix account with the option of keeping or replacing existing records.

For a complete walkthrough, visit our Import from a Zone File tutorial.

Manually Add Domains 

For complex configurations with large numbers of DNS records, it is recommended that you add your domain manually. You can easily add your domain through the Domains page of the Constellix DNS dashboard. After successfully adding your domain, you can manually add your  DNS records.

View our Manually Add and Configure Domains tutorial.

Manually Add DNS Records

Manually adding your DNS records provides the most customizability and is the best option for advanced users and/or domains with complex record configurations. Once you have added your domain(s), you will have access to your DNS records page in the Constellix DNS dashboard, where you can create any record type and configure them to your exact specifications. 

See our tutorials on how to add each record type if you need help with record creation and configuration. 

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