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Release 2.35

Solution ID : SO385
Last Modified : 10/21/2023

Constellix will automatically upgrade to version 2.35. If a previous version of Constellix is still running, try refreshing your web browser or clearing your cache to reflect the latest version. 

Notable Improvements

  • Improved functionality and performance of API and CP

Key Fixes

  • Permissions are now set possible for IP Filter, GeoProx, and Pools properly.  These options no longer appear in possible selections.
  • New API endpoint v1/geoFiltersRules endpoint with simpler structure
  • Domain name is not displaying in ‘Alias to/pool’ column after applying template on it having Cname record without host value
  • Azure integration with TXT records properly set
  • Azure TXT record integration fixed for records of size 256
  • Vanity Name Server endpoint fixed
  • Improved functionality and performance of API and CP