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How to Disable a Record

Solution ID : SO352
Last Modified : 10/21/2023

Constellix allows you to disable records instead of deleting them from your account. A disabled record will remain in the control panel with its original configuration intact. When disabled, nameservers will return an NXDOMAIN response when the record is queried and will treat it as if the record does not exist.

Common Use Case for Disabling Records

The Disable Record feature in Constellix is helpful when you need to temporarily remove a DNS record from nameservers but want to keep the record and its configuration for later use.


  • A domain has been added to your Constellix account
  • You have previously created DNS records for your domain

How to Disable DNS Records in Constellix

1. Navigate to Managed DNS > Domains

After logging in to the Constellix DNS dashboard, select Managed DNS on the left-hand side menu to expand options and then click Domains.

Alternatively, you can select the domain from the Recently Updated Domains list.

2. Select the Domain You Need to Configure

On the Domains page, click on the domain name you wish to edit. This will take you to the domain’s record page.

3. Select Record to be Disabled

Select the record you want to disable by double-clicking it or by checking the box beside the record name and clicking on the gray pencil icon. In this example, we’ll be disabling an A record, but the steps are the same for any applicable record.

4. Disable DNS Record

In the Edit Record window, you will see the full, current DNS configuration for the record (as shown below).

To disable the record, check the box beside the Disable Record option. Once the box is checked the IP/host option will no longer be available. Enter any relevant notes (optional but recommended), and then click the green Save And Close button to complete the action.

In order for the disabled record to take effect, you will need to review and commit your changes.


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