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Record Modes

Solution ID : SO354
Last Modified : 10/21/2023

When configuring A, AAAA, CNAME, or ANAME records, you will need to choose a mode for the record. This guide explains the different mode options available in Constellix.

Record Mode Options in Constellix

In any applicable record type, you will find the following record mode options:

Note: This example uses an A record, but the modes are the same for AAAA, ANAME, and CNAME records as well.

a) Standard: Select this option if you are creating a standard DNS record that will not use any special configurations.

b) Failover: This option is for any A, AAAA, CNAME, or ANAME record that requires redundancy. Choosing Failover mode will allow you to add multiple IPs/hostnames to your record configuration. If your primary endpoint becomes unavailable, your traffic will automatically be rerouted to the next healthy location. 

Note: Visit our Failover tutorial for more information and help with configuring this feature. 

c) Pools: Record pools allow you to balance your traffic load equally between multiple endpoints, or in a weighted distribution, which lets you choose which resource(s) should receive the most/least traffic.

Note: For help with DNS record pools, see our documentation on pool configurations

d) Round Robin with Failover: While a Round Robin configuration can prevent some downtime, part of your traffic will still be diverted to an unavailable endpoint in your configuration. This mode lets you pair your Round Robin configuration with Failover to ensure downtime is avoided completely.

Note: Visit our tutorial How to Setup Round Robin With Failover for help with this configuration.


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