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Delete Groups For Real-time Traffic Anomaly Detection Notifications

Solution ID : SO179
Last Modified : 10/21/2023

This tutorial will walk you through the process of deleting a group from your Real-time Traffic Anomaly Detection (RTTAD) notification contacts.


  • You have an existing contact or group that receives Real-time Traffic Anomaly Detection notifications that need to be removed
Note: To delete a contact, visit our Delete Contacts tutorial.

How to Delete Anomaly Detection Notification Group(s)

1. Navigate to the Analytics Portal

Once logged into the DNS Made Easy dashboard, click the option for Query Logging from the left-hand menu to access the Analytics platform. 

At the login prompt, enter your username and password.

2. Navigate to the RTTAD Portal

Once logged in to Analytics, click on any of the  + icons under the Anomaly column to enter the RTTAD portal.

3. Click on Contacts

On the Anomaly Detection page, click Contacts to access the contact and group information.

4. Select Group and Delete

Next, choose the appropriate group from the list on the left-hand side of the screen (the selected group will be orange), and then click the red Delete Contact Group button on the right-hand side.

5. Confirm Deletion

After hitting Delete Contact Group, a popup message will display letting you know that any contacts in the group will no longer receive notifications and confirm the action. Press the Delete button to finish.

The group is now removed from your Anomaly Detection Contacts.

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