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Allow Zone Transfers from Managed DNS with an ACL

Solution ID : SO63
Last Modified : 10/21/2023

To use other external name servers in addition to DNS Made Easy name servers configuration of an Access Control List (ACL) is required. In the ACL you must specify the AXFR IP addresses of the external name servers that you will use for zone transfer. The external name servers must support AXFR. You then apply your ACL to your domains to begin zone transfers.

  1. SelectTransfer ACL (AXFR)” 

  2. Click on the plus sign (+) to define a new configuration 

  3. Give the ACL an identifiable name 
    Define all the AXFR IP addresses for the additional external name servers you would like DNS Made Easy primary name servers to keep up to date with your current zone information. We will assume there are two additional name servers for the domain example.com with the IP addresses of and Click Submit.

    Now we will apply the new ACL to our example.com domain.

  4. Select Managed DNS 

  5. Select your domain
    Select a domain from the either the “Recently Updated Domains” box, or start typing the domain name in the textbox on the “Select Domain” tab. 

  6. Click on the “Settings” tab 
  7. Select your ACL, then click Save.
    From the “Zone Transfer (AXFR ACL)” drop down menu, select your ACL, then click Save. 
  8. Click on Name Servers tab
    Now we locate the DNS Made Easy AXFR Name Server IP address to use for your transfer. Click on the “Name Servers” tab 


The AXFR name server you use for transfer is located under the “AXFR Server (used for zone transfers and NOTIFY)” section of the name server listing.