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Import Records from a Name Server using AXFR

Solution ID : SO109
Last Modified : 10/21/2023

AXFR transfer is a method of a direct name server to name server transfer of a zone file. This is the most efficient method for importing domains into the DNS Made Easy system. You can import your zone information using AXFR transfer as long as your current provider supports this method of transfer.

1. Navigate to Managed DNS

2. Select your Domain 

Select a domain from either the “Recently Updated Domains” box or start typing the domain name in the textbox on the “Select Domain” tab

3. Click on the “Import Records” tab

4. Select to import records from “Nameserver (AXFR)”

5. User Action

Enter the AXFR IP address of the source name server (you would obtain this from your current provider). Note: For the AXFR import to work properly, the specified name server must allow transfers to the following IPs: and Click Save.

6. Update Registrar

You will now need to notify your registrar that you have changed nameservers. You will need to complete this step through your registrar’s control panel (this is the company you purchased your domain from).

7. Wait

We recommend that you leave all of your configurations on your old provider in place for about 3 days following the nameserver change. After three days, it will be safe to terminate your old provider’s account.