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Introduction to the DNS Made Easy Dashboard

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Last Modified : 10/21/2023


Welcome to the DNS Made Easy family! This guide is a step-by-step walkthrough of the dashboard. You’ll learn to navigate the platform and become familiar with the main features and menu options.

Note: For help configuring features, please refer to our comprehensive knowledge base.

DNS Made Easy Dashboard 

When you log in to the DNS Made Easy control panel from the home page of our website, you will automatically be directed to the DNS dashboard.


Main Menu

The main navigational menu is located at the top of the dashboard and includes options for:

DNS Menu

The DNS menu is where you can easily access the managed DNS section of your DNS Made Easy account.

  • Managed DNS
  • Secondary DNS

Mail Menu (Only visible if Mail options have been purchased)

Depending upon the services you have purchased, you will see the following mail options:

  • Forwarding
  • Backup
  • SMTP

For more information on our mail services, visit the Mail Services page on our website.

Advanced Menu

The Advanced menu includes the following options:


In DNS Made Easy, you can create DNS templates, which helps save time and cuts down on errors for MSPs or organizations that manage a large number of domains. On the Templates page, you find, edit, and manage all templates added to your account.

Account Transfer

This function allows you to transfer domains and all corresponding records from one DNS Made Easy account to another. 

SOA Records

SOA records can only be accessed via the top menu under Advanced. On the SOA records page, you can add, remove, or edit any SOA record in your account.

  • Transfer ACL (AXFR)
  • Vanity Nameservers
  • Secondary IP Sets

Account Menu

The Account menu options are as follows:

Purchase Services

This menu option lets you choose add-ons and upgrades for your account such as:

  • Extra DNS Addons

    • Additional queries
    • Vanity nameserver IPs
    • Additional domains
    • DNS Failover add-ons
    • Additional records
    • Global Traffic Director add-ons
  • Enterprise Mail Services

    • Backup mail
    • Mail server forwarding
    • SMTP
  • Support/Account admin services

    • Premium phone support
    • SAML
    • Customized DNS support
    • System administration support
    • Check / PO / chargeback processing fee
    • Customized DNS setup
    • After hours support (Corporate)
    • Additional user accounts
    • API calls
    • Unique IP to redirection for SSL
  • Miscellaneous Services

    • Query Logging
    • Anomaly Detection
  • Remove Services

    You can also remove services from your account including:
    • Corporate membership
    • Global Traffic Director
    • Mail Services
  • Renew

    Easily renew your services manually or set up auto-renewal so your services never expire.

  • Payment Methods

    Manage your payment information and method. Payments accepted: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Purchase Orders, and PayPal (PayPal and Purchase Orders require preapproval. Contact Sales for details). 

  • Invoices

    View and manage past and open invoices for your account in PDF format.

  • Affiliate Program

    DNS Made Easy rewards referrals! To take advantage of this opportunity, you will need to sign up for our Affiliate Program.

  • View Usage

    This menu option provides a clean view of the usage table on the dashboard home page.

Config Menu

The Config menu lets you manage your account and sub-users. Menu options include:

User Information

This is where you manage your own user information.

Account Information

The Account Information page lets you edit the address, secret question/answer, API credentials, and email options for your DNS Made Easy account.


Our Notifications page lets you configure what users receive specific warnings related to your account. The account Owner is notified by default. Notifications include:

  • Account expiration warnings
  • Automatica renewal failures
  • Automatic renewal notices
  • DNS query anomaly detected
  • DNS query anomaly detection disabled
  • DNS query anomaly detection enabled
  • DNS query anomaly detection failed
  • DNS query usage invoices
  • News, updates, and announcements
  • Purchase summaries and receipts

Contact Lists

Allows you to manage your contact lists.


This option lets you add new sub-users to your account, add them into groups, and set user permissions. 


This feature allows you to create groups for users for easy management and streamlined notifications.


You can create folders for your domains for ease of management. This lets you have sub-users and groups for different domains.

Access Control List

Specify allowed IPs for each sub-user in your DNS Made Easy account. For more details, visit our Set an Access Control List for a User guide.

2-Factor Auth

This menu option allows you to enable or require two-factor authentication (2FA) for sub-users on your account for increased security.


Anytime you get stuck or need support, we are here to help. The Help menu includes options for:

  • Submit a Support Ticket
    Any time you need help with your services, you can submit a support ticket.

  • Support Center
    In your Support Center, you can view your open tickets and their status, as well as review closed tickets in your account.

  • Tutorials
    This is where you’ll find our knowledge center, which provides tutorials on all the DNS Made Easy services and features.


The logout button can be found at the top right of the dashboard.

Purchased services and usage

This table displays the services available in your account and is a quick and easy way to keep track of your service item usage. You can see how many features are in use and identify any services that may need to be upgraded. 

Note: The services in this table will vary depending on your account and your DNS plan.

Additional User Accounts
Track how many sub-users you have and how many seats are available in your account. You can add an unlimited number of sub-users in DNS Made Easy (fees apply). Adding sub-users helps with IT accountability, feature restrictions, and meeting compliance requirements.

DNS Monitor Failover
Keep track of domains in your account that are using Failover. The amount of Failover records varies depending on your DNS plan. Additional records can be purchased from the Account menu options. Failover is a cost-effective and reliable way of avoiding downtime due to internal server or network issues and is highly recommended for any domain.


Depending on your plan, you are allotted a certain amount of domains. You can easily see how many domains you have added to your account and how many more you can import before upgrading your plan or purchasing additional domains. This quick link also takes you to the domain page, which displays a list of all your domains, whether they are using a template, GTD, or Vanity DNS, as well as the nameservers and the last time the domain was updated in your account.

GTD DNS (Global Traffic Director)

The usage table also displays how many domains in your account are using our Global Traffic Director (GTD) services. GTD allows you to optimize your web traffic by region and user location, for the fastest and most accurate query resolution possible.

Mail Backup
Mail options will only be visible in your account if you previously purchased a mail service. If you have added a mail feature, you can track the usage in this table. The quick link will direct you to the Mail Backup page, where you will see the emails in use in your account.

Mail Server Forwarding
Mail options will only be visible in your account if you previously purchased a mail service. If you have added a mail feature, you can track the usage in this table. The quick link will direct you to the Mail Server Forwarding page, where you will see the emails in use in your account.

Monthly DNS Queries
Quickly view your monthly query usage at a glance right from the main dashboard. Follow the link to see a detailed breakdown of your domain queries. Queries are updated daily and may not immediately be reflected in the usage table.

Query Logging
All DNS Made Easy plans include our query log feature, but the monthly allotment depends on your subscription level. You can also purchase additional query logs in packs of five through the Account menu options (Purchase Services > Miscellaneous). When accessing query logs, you will be directed to our DNS Analytics platform.


Record usage can quickly be viewed in the usage table, including the current amount of records in your account (for all domains), as well as how many records are still available. Record counts are updated daily and may not immediately be reflected in the usage table. If you need help creating records, we have tutorials on all the different record types.

SMTP Services
Mail options will only be visible in your account if you previously purchased a mail service. If you have added a mail feature, you can track the usage in this table. This quick link will direct you to the SMTP Service page, where you will see your SMTP configurations.

Recently Updated Domains

This table displays a list of the most recently updated domains in your account. You can also access a specific domain’s record and settings page by clicking on its name in this list. If a domain you are looking for isn’t showing, clicking See All will bring you to the Domains page where you’ll find all the domains in your account.

Other DNS Made Easy Tutorials

Click this option to expand a menu with links to the most common DNS configuration tutorials. 

Account Tutorials

Click this option to expand a menu with links to the most common tutorials related to account management. 

Help Getting Started

This menu includes links to helpful tutorials for services you purchased in your account but are not currently using (this varies from account to account).

Quick links

At the bottom of the DNS Made Easy dashboard pages, you will find quick links to the following features:

  • View activity log
    Click this link to quickly view all activity for any domain in your account. For detailed information, visit our DNS Activity Log tutorial. 

  • Export activity log
    You can also access your activity log and export data via the quick link at the bottom of any DNS dashboard page.

  • Submit a support ticket
    Easily submit a support ticket if you need help. This quick link opens up the Submit a Support Ticket window (must be logged in).