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What is an ANAME Record?

Solution ID : SO113
Last Modified : 10/21/2023

An ANAME record acts as a CNAME record at the root level. ANAME records are most commonly used for CDN (Content Delivery Network) implementations at the root of a domain.

When you create an ANAME record, you will point the root of your domain to an FQDN. That FQDN will point to an IP address. In the case of a CDN, the FQDN is your CDN service and it will point your traffic to the IP address of the closest web server.
This requires two lookups: the FQDN and the IP address, which can increase resolution times.

DNS Made Easy is unique, because we cut out the middleman (FQDN) and map directly to the IP address. DNS Made Easy will monitor where the FQDN points to and create an A record that will point the root to the appropriate IP.
When the FQDN changes which IP it’s pointing to, DNS Made Easy will update that A record.