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How do I install an SSL Certificate onto Plesk 10?


How do I install an SSL Certificate onto Plesk 10?


This knowledge base article explains the process for installing your SSL certificate from QuoVadis into Plesk 10.

  1. In the Trust/Link certificate download page, make sure you download the PEM with chain option from Trust/Link.  This will download a *.crt file that will include all of the certificates you need.

  2. Open this *.crt file in a text editor and cut the top most certificate text from it and paste it into a new text file.  You should end up with two files:
    • One contains the intermediate followed by the root certificate
    • One contains just your SSL certificate

  3. Login to Plesk Control Panel.

  4. Click on the Websites & Domains tab at the top.  This will display various menu links and domains.

  5. Click on the SSL Certificates link.

  6. In the SSL Certificates section, click on the certificate name of the request that is pending.  This is the request that you made when creating the CSR.

  7. Scroll down and enter in the Certificate and the CA certificate in the provided boxes.
    1. For the Certificate field, select choose file and upload the single certificate file you created in step 2.  Alternatively, you can copy and paste the certificate text in the certificate field provided.

    2. For the CA certificate field, you must upload the bundle file you edited in step 2 which contains the intermediate and root CA certificates.

  8. Once the QuoVadis Plesk Bundle and the SSL certificate are ready, click on the Send Text button.

  9. Return to the Websites & Domains tab and then click on the appropriate certificate.

  10. Once in the certificate menu check the Enable SSL Support box and click OK to save changes.