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Update to 'QuoVadis EU Issuing Certification Authority G4'


QuoVadis has made a change to the certificate chain that affects some Qualified digital certificates issued by QuoVadis EU Issuing Certification Authority G4
Customer end-entity certificates themselves are not affected by the change, but for some users, starting on October 15, 2019 it may be necessary to replace the Issuing CA in order to maintain automatic trust chaining.
The change does not pose any security risk to customer systems and is intended to maintain compliance with browser requirements. 
If your computer has this version of the G4 certificate, it must be replaced or your end-entity certificate may not work properly after October 15, 2019 21:00 GMT.

QuoVadis EU Issuing Certification Authority G4
Valid from                  May 14 14:15:52 2019 GMT
Serial Number           64:88:b3:ff:d2:c6:bf:b3:9d:3b:f0:5a:9f:c0:54:50:0a:8d:77:23
The new version of the G4 certificate may be installed and used immediately.  It will be trusted on the EU Trusted List beginning October 15.

QuoVadis EU Issuing Certification Authority G4
Valid from                   Oct 7 20:37:54 2019 GMT
Serial Number            12:7f:8b:32:06:26:28:c0:ca:3f:8d:44:be:f9:f2:fa:5d:b1:44:0c
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