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DigiCert CertCentral Services API beta server

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Last Modified : 10/21/2023


Use the DigiCert beta server to test your API integrations against our upcoming changes to the Order info endpoint.

On May 31, 2022, DigiCert will improve the data we return when you submit a request to the Order info API endpoint. To help CertCentral Services API consumers evaluate the impact of these changes on their integrations, DigiCert has created a beta server that provides early access to these endpoint updates for testing.

The beta server hosts a version of the CertCentral Services API that includes the updates we will release on May 31. To ensure your API integrations are compatible with these updates, test them against the beta server version of the API.

To learn more about the upcoming changes, see our change log.

Beta server availability

The beta server is available from May 2 to May 31, 2022. Customers who use the beta server to access the Services API should be prepared for the server to go offline on or soon after May 31.

How do I access and authenticate to the beta server?

To access the version of the Services API hosted on the beta server, use the following base URL:


To authenticate to Services API endpoints hosted on the beta server, use the same CertCentral API keys you use in your production account.

How do I test my Order info endpoint integration?

The Order info endpoint is the only API operation that behaves differently on the beta server than in production. Requests to this endpoint return the improved data structure that DigiCert will release to production on May 31, 2022.

To get the updated Order info API response, submit a request to the Order info endpoint. In your request, replace the order_id path parameter with the ID of an order you want to query:


What data does the beta server use?

The beta server uses your live production data. Any resources you create or modify using the beta server URL will persist in your account after the beta server goes offline.

For example, if you submit a certificate order request using the beta server URL, the results will be the same as if you requested the certificate from your production instance.

Can I use the beta server to call other API endpoints?

Requests submitted to other endpoints in the Services API using the beta server URL will succeed. However, the beta server is not meant to fully replace the production API, and it is not guaranteed to support your full production volume. DigiCert recommends using the beta server only to verify the updated Order info endpoint and continuing to use the production server base URL (https://www.digicert.com/services/v2) for the rest of your workflows.

Who do I contact if I encounter problems or bugs while using the beta server?

If you encounter problems or have questions about using the beta server, contact DigiCert Support.