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Issues Addressed in DigiCert PKI Platform 8.20.3

Solution ID : GN090720203428
Last Modified : 11/21/2023


In this KB we are listing the issues that have been resolved with the release of DigiCert PKI Platform 8.20.3.

  • Fixed SCEP Renewal failure for Cisco Routers.
  • Fixed issue with missing Organization/Server/Device profiles in default manage users search operations. 
  • Fixed issue with alpha-numeric or special characters for enrollment code when a request is generated from a Cisco Routers.
  • Fixed issue with CSV bulk update of existing end-entities (user records) corrupting user data.
  • Fixed issue with browser-based enrollments for S/MIME profiles configured with No Escrow, which were being issued with incorrect KeySpec value.
  • Rebranded User Template ReadMe PDF file, available from the PKI Manager.

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