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Last Modified : 10/21/2023

What email address should I use to register for a Test Drive account?

We recommend that you use a public/throwaway email address (not your Corporate email address), to register for a Test Drive account, which is only used to pick up the Administrator certificate.
This will allow you to use your Corporate email address when registering for a Production account, should you wish to purchase the service.


How do I get an Enrollment Code to pick up my administrator certificate?

When you sign up for a new trial account, a randomly generated Enrollment Code to pick up your administrator certificate will be displayed.
For security reasons, this Enrollment Code will only be showed at the end of the account enrollment to protect your new trial account.
If you do not have this Enrollment Code, then you need to enroll for another trial account.


How do I get a new Enrollment Code?

If you did not write down your Enrollment Code or if it is not working, then you need to enroll for another trial account.
Complete the trial account enrollment web form.

In this trial account enrollment form, you need to enter a different value in the Company/Organization field.
The Organization value is the unique identifier for the trial account.
If you try to use the same value again in the Company/Organization field, then you will receive an error message.

Why do I receive a message Organization and Organizational Unit already exists?

When you create a new trial account, use the value in the Company/Organization field as the unique identifier.
If you have received this error, then someone has already enrolled for a trial account with this value.
Since this value only appears as the top-level account name in PKI Manager, you can enter any value in the Company/Organization field (for example, DigiCert Trial Account instead of DigiCert).


Where can I get PKI Client to install?

You can go to the following link to download the latest version of PKI Client



What browsers are supported for downloadng the PKI Admin cert?

Currently we want you to use IE for downloading the PKI Admin certificate.
Once the certificate is downloaded feel free to use Chrome.
If you cannot use IE, you will need to manually download the extenstions for Fire Fox and Chrome and install them prior to downloading the admin cert.
If you are constantly asked to download the extentions or PKI Client (Stuck in a loop) then you will need to use IE.


What admin rights to I need to be able to install the PKI Client software?

The PKI Client agent requires Local Administration rights to install the software on the workstation.
This is due to requiring access to the underlying cryptographic capabilities of the system.
Failure to install the PKI Client using Local Administration rights will yield an error, and you will not be able to access the administration web portal (PKI Manager).


Why do I reboot after installing PKI Client?

If you enrolled for a trial account via Mozilla Firefox, we need to reboot your PC to properly install PKI Client.
Mozilla Firefox locks some files that do not allow us to complete the PKI Client installation.
The re-boot allows us to finish the PKI Client installation.


How do I access my account after picking up my administrator certificate?

After picking up your administrator certificate, log in to PKI Manager.

You will be prompted to enter the PIN to access your certificate in PKI Client. After successfully entering your PIN, you are taken to your new trial account dashboard.

How do I start issuing certificates?

In the lower left corner of PKI Manager, there is a Help icon with instructions on how to set up certificate profiles, add users to these certificate profiles, and issue certificates to these users.

Why is my Adobe CDS certificate installation not working?

The Adobe CDS certificate profile currently requires the certificate to be placed on a USB Token hardware security module.
While we look to update this certificate profile to enable you to issue the certificate into a software certificate store (for example, PKI Client, Microsoft CAPI, to name a few), you need a USB Token at this time.

How do I download Enterprise Gateway, PKI Client, or Web Services software?

In the lower left corner of PKI Manager, there is a Resource icon with links to download the software which includes Enterprise Gateway, PKI Client, and Web Services.

What documentation is available?

In the lower left corner of PKI Manager, there is a Resource icon with links to download documents such as Release Notes and Third-party Integration Guides.
Web Services documentation is also available and is part of the Web Services software download.

What kind of support is available for my trial account?

DigiCert only has knowledge base support available for trial accounts at this time. For production and evaluation accounts, DigiCert offers telephone, email, and online support.

How do I extend my trial account?

The trial account will expire after 30 days.
You can extend the trial account for another 30 days after which the trial account is locked.
You need to contact DigiCert for further extending your trial account.
Only the account is extended, the validity of your certificate remains the same.

How do I extend the validity of my certificate?

You need to contact DigiCert for extending the validity of your certificate. The existing certificate is revoked and a new administrator certificate is issued.

How do I get an Enrollment Code to pick up administrator account for the extended trial account?

You will receive an email from DigiCert with an enrollment Code to extend the trial account.

How do I access my administrator certificate after I extend my account?

You will receive an email to pick up the administrator certificate.
You will need to enter the Enrollment Code that you received from the previous email.
These emails are sent to you separately due to security reasons.
You can then log in to PKI Manager to access the trial account with this newly installed administrator certificate.
Be sure to bookmark the link to the admin portal for easier access.